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Como usar?

How to use? english

marzo 2nd, 2013

   Using ELGENERO.COM? Easy here we left a little advice on how to use ELGENERO.COM to have a better experience using our services.

ELGENERO.COM is categorized by giving free service to our users.

1. We allow downloading two songs at once.
2. We have no limits to play songs.
3. We allow other sites to use our “links” NOT our servers.
4. All users should be aware that our service is only to promote and distribute music worldwide, and that you will not use this material for profit.
5. Buttons on the page, this button urbano is to listen to music, this button urbano is to download.
6. How to download Mixtape, mixtape All are in ZIP format (Complimido)
An archive is a box where you can store any type of information (pictures, documents, music …), this information is encoded and compressed to take up less space, making it much easier to carry your files , send them over the Internet or stored. unzip to need a program to decompress, if you are using a mobile need to download it from your mobile store.

What is Web cache? & Because delay update downloads.

When we surf the web, your browser (Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer …) stored on the hard drive Web pages and the images we see.

The advantage of the Internet cache:
Because of the cache, the browser has to load the pages every time you visit them as they are on the hard disk. This will speed up navigation, especially if you visit the same page multiple times.

Por Promo Music.